"Appreciated the executive coaching as it affords me the assistance and tools to change and modify my leadership skills and abilities to enhance my own personal growth as well as improve the hospital."
Senior Executive
Major Health System

Case Study: "Accelerating the Success of the Team"


A large health care provider was under pressure to cut costs, while also implementing new corporate initiatives, such as ensuring hand washing to reduce infection. As is the case with any for-profit health care provider, the company was under a great deal of scrutiny from customers, shareholders and the government, so increasing transparency was a must.

In light of the cost cutting efforts and staff reductions, morale was down. What is more, the geographically dispersed facilities meant that department heads were spread throughout the country and integration would be challenging.

To add further challenge, the talented CMO, who was leading implementation of these new initiatives, was going to be leaving the company for personal reasons. She knew the importance of accelerating the performance of her team so that they would not only successfully implement all initiatives but also continue to be successful after she left.

Having worked with Executive Solutions Partners in the past, she recognized that their sage counsel and practical, proven toolkit would enhance individual and team performance and move them towards self-governance.


Using an integrated approach, ESP worked directly with the CMO as her trusted advisor to identify and prioritize individual development goals necessary to achieve success; coach her in the development and implementation of actions necessary to reach the goals; and provide an on-going sounding board and feedback regarding issues and ideas of the CMO.

In conjunction with this effort, ESP advisors conducted individual 360 Multi-rater Management Profile reviews with approximately 15 department heads around the country. This effort provided individuals with feedback on the perceived interpersonal, behavioral and job skill competencies required to achieve management and organizational success.

Finally, ESP worked with the team as a whole to integrate the results of these efforts and move toward a self-governing model.


The outcome of these efforts quickly became apparent. An increased sense of trust prevailed in the organization because department heads were empowered, but also worked as a team. At the same time, the company became more transparent, giving outside stake holders a greater sense of security.

The new corporate integrity initiatives were successfully implemented across the organization and, even more important, they continued to improve.

In the end, the CEO acknowledged and praised the long-lasting effects of the efforts put forth by the CMO, her teams and Executive Solution Partners.