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Case Study: Creating a Common Language for Success


A major defense contractor was under the gun to deliver on a $78B aircraft contract with a 7-month time frame to the decision point on going to full rate. Obtaining a green light to proceed was critical as this contract was the economic lifeline for the company. The compressed timeline for delivery was causing tremendous stress among the already compartmentalized departments. Meetings became more about assigning blame and undermining others than they were about addressing the deliverable issues. As a result, the contractor was not meeting the pre-defined client benchmarks on the delivery schedule. Failure to deliver the contract would jeopardize their ability to secure future contracts, which would be catastrophic for the company.

A new CEO was hired in an attempt to turn around the troubled organization and salvage the future of the company. Coming in, the newly appointed leader understood that the negative culture that had developed and a lack of team cohesiveness were the main challenges. He had a vision for success and looked to Executive Solutions Partners to guide them through the change necessary to improve individual and organizational performance.


Working with department heads individually and in groups, Executive Solution Partners advisors helped the contractor establish the key drivers for success.

First, Executive Solution Partners set out to change the negative culture that had evolved. Using proven coaching techniques and methods, ESP advisors worked with individuals and teams to break down communication barriers, simplify the issues, and create a common language for success.

This process of social and self-awareness helped them see how their words and actions were negatively impacting others and the overall success of the company. Team leaders began to understand how they were seen by others and developed a new found respect for individuals at every level of the company, from the simplest job to the most technical positions. Through this process, individuals and teams began to discover the common ground they shared in wanting the project and company to be successful. This fostered stronger relationships, which led to a more team-oriented culture.

Next, ESP advisors worked to build team cohesiveness. Accountability was established by requiring management to take an active role in defining and implementing the changes necessary to meet the contract deadlines.

Finally, ESP advisors worked with cross-functional teams to implement the cultural and organizational changes necessary for success.


The efforts of Executive Solution Partners and the clients management team led to a successful change in the overall culture of the company. A heightened level of self and social awareness shifted the atmosphere from one of blame and dislike to one of open, productive communication and teamwork. Individual leaders were recognized for their courage to be accountable, the impact of their communication efforts, and their willingness to take action to resolve the delivery issues. Ultimately, the deadline for the contract was met and the company avoided potential collapse by obtaining the green light to complete production and enhance their ability to secure future contracts.