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"I’ve worked with a number of coaches. I would rate their impact on the business a 3 to 4 on a scale of 10. I would rate your impact a 9 to 10. Thank you."
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Network Partners

Executive Solution Partners Network is comprised of leading experts who provide senior executives and their teams with the sage counsel and practical advice they need to improve performance. With a shared philosophy and experience that melds real world learning and extensive education, the partners work together to ensure your success.

Michael J. Cassella - Boston

Michael Cassella is a management psychologist and executive advisor with over 20 years experience in talent and career management. Combining varied roles in the corporate world with his training in psychology, Dr. Cassella has been sought out to coach executives and managers at all organizations levels from C-suite to first line managers and to implement leadership development initiatives in some of the world's leading organizations.Learn more.

Tresa Eyres San Francisco

Tresa Eyres is a world class process design and training development expert who has helped numerous organizations improve their productivity and profitability. She designs, develops, delivers and implements practical programs that cultivate a well-trained and motivated work force. Through flawless and collaborative team building, team planning and execution, Tresa ensures the right results. Learn more.

Ray Grymski Chicago

Ray Grymski specializes in helping executives improve their organizations and implement difficult change. Ray has significant experience in developing executive teams, organizational design, and organizational development and change. He also coaches CEOs and other senior executives by providing helpful feedback, provocative insights and specific action plans to help these individuals simultaneously pursue organizational goals and personal success. Learn more.

Jacob Kupietzky New York

Jacob Kupietzky is an acknowledged expert in the area of healthcare transformation and change management. Jacob has extensive experience in hospital operations management and strategic planning and has consulted with many of the largest healthcare providers to help them improve their quality and financial performance. Learn more.

Carol Limperos - Houston

Carol Limperos is an expert coach and facilitator for senior business leaders, high-potential managers, and their teams. Carol works with leaders who want to continue their success and provides insights from her real-world business experience as a catalyst to enhance individual and organizational performance. She specializes in areas of executive presence, organizational savvy, and accelerated leadership development. Learn more.