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Chris Harsdorff, Managing Director

Chris Harsdorff is a trusted advisor with a recognized reputation for providing senior executives with sound and innovative leadership, organizational design, and talent management strategies which accelerate personal and organizational success. An intuitive visionary and gifted communicator, he thoughtfully counsels companies and individuals through difficult and challenging opportunities. With a significant background of operational leadership, Chris is particularly sought-after as an executive mentor for professionals seeking to enhance both their own individual and enterprise performance.

Over the past decade and a half, Chris has focused on advancing the interrelated issues of individual and company performance. This focus evolved naturally from earlier work addressing matters of corporate governance, employee benefits, and employee relations. All in all, Chris brings an unparalleled balance of common sense, insight, experience, and understanding as an advisor, mentor, and confidante. He limits his engagements and those of the firm to clients who are committed to continuous learning, have more to contribute, demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of all individuals, and strive to live their represented values.

Chris has led the successful turnaround of an emergency medical control provider, facilitated the change of purpose of a public facility management company, coached numerous healthcare and family office executives as they assumed new roles or led change, headed the annual strategic planning for one of the US most successful luxury retailers, reorganized the strategic services group of a major medical center, planned and led the expansion of a privately held firm into the ranks of the Inc 500, and provided organizational and leadership to others.

Clients include single and multi-family offices, large family owned businesses, major health systems, an award winning  retail automotive group, a socially responsible real estate developer, non-profit social agencies, a national hospitality management company, and a digital chip manufacturer. Chris holds degrees from Texas Tech University (chemical engineering) and The University of Texas School of Law.