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"I’ve worked with a number of coaches. I would rate their impact on the business a 3 to 4 on a scale of 10. I would rate your impact a 9 to 10. Thank you."
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Tresa Eyres

Tresa Eyres has spent more than 25 years helping clients improve their productivity and profitability through skillfully-targeted and effective projects and training programs. She has earned her stripes in industries ranging from trade associations to finance to high-tech.

She is an accomplished instructional designer, business analyst, and project manager who is at her best clarifying the needs and expertise of her clients in order to help pave their way to success. She designs, develops, delivers and implements programs that cultivate a well-trained and motivated work force. Her on-target exercises and tools make it easy for people to learn new skills and repeatedly apply those skills on their own at any time.

Programs with Tresa's signature have been used to train and assist hundreds of corporate employees nationally and internationally. She has filled management, team, and project management roles in the U.S., Singapore and Turkey. She works with both individuals and teams in mid-market companies and major divisions within large organizations. She helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizers. Her programs apply to all public and private companies as well as non-profits in any industry and service area. She is co-author of three highly regarded self-help business books.

Her client list includes Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients in financial services, high-tech, bio-tech, retail, and energy industries.

Tresa has an MA in Education as well as certification and on-the-job experience in instructional design, project management, computer programming and technology applications. She is a certified facilitator for Development Dimensions International (DDI) programs and a California Department of Government Services approved contractor.

Tresa avidly supports volunteerism, regularly donating her time and expertise to global and educational charitable organizations that reflect her convictions about community, collaboration and communication.